Juliane Caillouette Noble


6 January 2023

38 mins 4 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, we speak with Juliane Caillouette Noble who is an educator and problem solver with a keen interest in how we learn, how we eat and how to make a difference in the systems that influence both. Emily and Juliane discuss the development of Juliane’s career, as well as both the challenges and opportunities currently facing women working in sustainable hospitality and food sourcing.

Juliane is currently the Managing Director of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, where she is focused on growing the impact of the SRA around the world through the Food Made Good Sustainability Standard. She is an American Studies major at Stanford, where she concentrated her coursework on kids, classrooms and culture, exploring childhood development, the creation of education systems and policies that influence learning.

Throughout her career, Juliane has created content for an educational start-up, structured a food education curriculum for primary schools, designed a live lesson for over 250,000 children across the globe and managed a rapidly growing network of primary schools across the UK. She also ran Jamie Oliver’s programmes for improving school food and food education across the UK for five years.

She is deeply engaged in global food policy issues ranging from sustainable farming, urban growing, food education and school food systems. Juliane has designed food education tools and resources for teachers, has developed local and global campaigns, and served as a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for School Food in the UK.